Hi, I'm Alex Oda.

A digital product manager focused on simple, intuitive solutions that solve business problems.

About me

I’m a digital product manager with a background in user experience and a passion for using data to solve complex business problems.

The UX background allows me to identify emerging user patterns and optimization options by applying a sense-and-respond approach in crafting user-centric solutions that drive business objectives. I believe that great outcomes come out of processes that are flexible enough to adapt to the challenge at hand.

I’m passionate about Formula 1 and sim racing. When not in front of the computer screen, I like to get together with friends and family, work on a DIY project around the house, or go kayaking.

How I usually approach things

Gather Context

  • identify audience and main stakeholders

  • figure out problems that potential customers / users are facing

  • capture requests & ideas

  • define success criteria and KPIs to measure against


  • assign value, effort & risk to items in order to attribute scores to them

  • translate the prioritized list of items into a product roadmap

  • prepare alternative scenarios as a backup

  • discuss proposed roadmap with the right stakeholders


  • analyse solutions from similar products

  • work in partnership with the designers to find potential solutions

  • iterate on solutions based on stakeholder / user feedback

  • get buy-in from stakeholders

  • define specifications for the development team


  • refine the near term items

  • provide clarity to the team on upcoming items

  • update stakeholders on progress, roadmap adjustments and potential delays

Launch and promote

  • define launch approach & plan

  • collaborate with the marketing team on strategy and roll-out

  • add a system in place for getting user feedback

  • keep stakeholders in the loop about launch metrics

Measure and collect feedback

  • measure on defined usage metrics

  • monitor user feedback

  • draw conclusions based on data & user feedback